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Friday, March 11, 2011

Why Did I Stop?

The universe works in mysterious ways.  I stopped thinking positive everyday for a month now, well if you look at my last post, it's been a month to the date, how mystical is that?  I guess it kind of stopped when we received our federal refund check.  It's amazing how money can over power you.  Don't get me wrong, I love the fact of having security in our checkbook, but in one month we have blown our federal check.  Okay, not all of it was blown carelessly.  I'm so grateful, that we were able to catch up on our lot rent and we were able to pay ahead, which means I don't have to worry about paying our lot rent until August, which is great feeling.  Adam paid over $1,000 to get his car up to par, so that is good too.  The foolishness I feel, Adam got me the new ipod touch.  Not a necessity but trying not to feel to guilty, I don't get to buy anything for me anymore.  Adam also wanted me to get some new shoes, since the ones I was wearing were hand me downs.  So we bought the new shape up shoes from Sketcher, I must add, I love them.  They are so comfy!  Then this week Adam bought a new cell phone.  Money was going down and I was trying to convince him to buy a track phone.  But, thinking in my head how Adam works every day to provide us food, a roof over our head without complaining, while I get to stay home with the kids and not have to worry about driving to work in awful weather as he does.  He really wanted to new iphone 4.  After adding all of it up, it was way to much, and most of the money is gone.  I finally got the courage to tell him how much money was left.  He didn't get mad, he just said, well I guess I don't get no cell phone.  I asked, how much would it be for the iphone 3?  He check the prices and for everything (phone, case & accessories) it would be $121.00.  A lot cheaper than the 4, so with little push, I was able to convince him to buy the iphone 3.  He bought it and loves it!  I still was a little nervous because I wrote a check out for his car payment on February 22 and we kept getting phone calls saying we owe them money.  I couldn't understand where the check went.  Then I thought the worst, the check got lost in the mail, now I'm going to either have to stop payment on the check which will cost $30 or just send out another check for the same amount, and if the first check is found then we'd be ahead, but I really didn't want to write another check, because if both checks got through at the same time, I won't have any money for groceries.  Last night I didn't know what to do.

Then I talked to myself about how I haven't been thinking positive lately, and how I haven't been living the secret.  So for some inspiration, I bought and downloaded "The Power" from Amazon for the Kindle which you can add that app to your ipod touch, iphone or even computer!  I started reading it, and it put me in a positive state.  I woke up this morning feeling positive and how everything is going to go my way!  So I got on the computer as I do every morning, and thought, well let's check the status on Adam car payment.  I logged in, and before the first thing that popped out was stating "You Are 40 Days Delinquent"....it did not say that this morning.  I clicked on payment history and whoa-lah...payment was received this morning!  After stressing for over 2 weeks, and when I finally relaxed and believed in the secret, everything just fell in place!   What does this say to me...DON'T STOP BELIEVING IN THE POWER!


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