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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Living With A Negative Person Can Effect You

Like I've mention before, I am usually a positive person, I try to stay positive on everything!  But, when you live with someone who glass is alway half empty, it can really aggravate the person who refers the glass being half full. After you feel like your fighting a losing battle because the negative words seem to be stronger than your positive words.  I admit, it took me down.  I stopped being positive, at least as much as I was.  I was getting weaker, and weaker until the law of attraction got me.  Yup, it all began when Adam waited until May to get his car inspected.  It was due in April.  I had encouraged him to have his check out in the beginning of April, but nope he didn't.  So he waited  until the first week in May.  Guess what, he had a lot of problems and the car was not inspectable.  After 2 days we found out it was going to cost $1400 to fix his car.  Oh man, that's a lot of money.
I said there is no way we're going to be able to pay for that.  I told him that we need to make arrangements with the mechanic that we can pay weekly.  Though he said we can have the car after we pay $900.  So I said we can pay $300 a week, after 3 weeks we'll have his car back.  Then we got a bill from our fuel company in the same week, they wanted $350 by that Friday.  Oh man, what were we going to do.  The negative feeling was getting stronger.  I was suck in.  Then last nigh, our water pipe burst that connected to the hot water heater.  Now what?

So in one of our darkest hour, I decided to be positive.  The money will come, we will be alright, everything is fine.  I kept saying these kind of phrases over and over again.  So today, I had invited my whole family over for dinner.    Even with no water I knew it'll be okay.  I put on some mood music and started preparing the dinner and cleaning the  house up.

My brother and sister in alway came first to our home for dinner.  My sister in law handed me an envelope and I asked what's this.  She said, just open it.  So I open it and it was a check for $150!  I broke right now and started crying.  I couldn't believe what they did.  They said there giving me this because of all the times I've helped them.  I couldn't be more grateful.  But this just proves, POSITIVE attitude is very much rewarding!

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