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Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Beginning Of "The Secret"

First let me say, I love reading other blogs! Blogs have inspired me to do fun things with my children, fun things for myself,  knowledgeable things and A LOT more. The latest blog I've been inspired by is Tawna's "My Secret Experiment".  I was confused at first because I needed to know what the Secret was.  So, I did what she states all along her blog, which was either READ or WATCH "The Secret" by Rhonda Byrne.  So I watched the DVD, and as soon as I started watching it, I was hooked.  My life is about to change, for better and I'm going to be happier!

Of course we seem to have that doubt in the back of our head, and it came through mine.  It said "Do You Really Think This Will Work?"  and as soon as the words entered my head, I changed my mine frame to "You Silly Goose, What Are You Thinking, Of Course This I Going To Work" and all of a sudden I could feel my smile getting bigger and bigger.  I'm changing the way I'm thinking.  Obviously some negative thoughts are going to enter my head before I have time to "think" about it, but as soon as they do, I'm catching it and throwing it away and inserting a positive thought to replace it.  This will be a never ending  way of living.  It will be hard in the beginning, but I'm sure once the positive thinking takes over, the negative will vanish little by little until positive thoughts is all I'm thinking about!

I decided to start small, and not for myself.  I wanted the people around my to feel some good.  I asked the universe to help my parents and my brother.  As I was talking to the universe I start visualizing my parents small debt problem floating away.  My mom had an old van she wanted to sell to the scrap metal shop and figured she'd get no more than $200 for it.  Her bank account was $390.00 negative (which I must add, never happens).  My dad got his small paycheck for his side job for $30.00, no a lot but it WILL help.  Well yesterday they brought her van to the scrap metal shop and they gave her $360.00 in cash...do the figuring.  The universe will help if you ask and believe and visualize.

So with my brother, he's had his ups and downs financially, even though he is a pretty positive person himself.  Though if he new the secret I'm sure he'd have more happiness and financially moments entering his life.  So I talked to the universe and wanted my brother to get a little more money coming in to his home.  They've been struggling with the new every other week paycheck, since they've been use to weekly paychecks, and I know and been there, and it kind of sucks helps you budget better,  remember positive thinking.  So I visioned my brother to have a hand full of cash entering his hand, again I could feel the smile on my face getting bigger and my heart swelling and feeling so good.

Well last night my brother was telling me that a few years ago his company had giving over 100 shares to each employee.  He didn't think much about it at the time and let it be.  This past week, the company was encouraging their employees to sell the stocks, so having no knowledge of stocks, my brother just went on the computer, hit a few buttons and let it be.  20 minutes later he sold his stock, and low and behold he will be getting over $2000.00!  What a break!  I'm so happy for him and with his income tax refund coming within a few weeks, he will be set.

Now as for me, I had so much to ask the universe.  Where do I begin?  I said, you know I can ask it whatever I want, whenever I want, as long as I'm asking, believing and willing to receive!  The first think I asked was for me to lose weight.  I want to go on the scales every morning and see a drop in my weight.  So yesterday I went on and I weigh 211.4 pounds.  I asked the universe and visualize the number dropping.  This morning, when I got on the scales it said 210.8.  I don't care how small of a lost, as long as the number is dropping!  This is exciting for me, and my life will be everything I want it to be and each day I will be so thankful for everything good in my life.



  1. Yay!!! I am so excited, it is so awesome isn't it! Even in the very beginning jsut noticing the smallest change is so HUGE!

    Thanks for the plug and I am so glad that I was able to inspire you to make this life change jsut by reading my daily updates, this is huge for me and I am so excited for both of us.

    I have always said that if I can help one person make a positive change then it's all worth it, well I have helped 2, you and me and that is golden!

    I am following and excited to see you changing your life along with mine! Please stop by and leave me your stories, struggles, successes etc. It is hard but worth it and really after a while it does get easier!

    We can get the nitch of this together!


  2. BTW, I am gong to give you a plug back on my blog, I am too excited!

  3. Now I want to know what the secret is!!! I'll have to see if Netflix has it!

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