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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The More I Stay Positive...The Bigger The Rewards!

My life has taken to the right path!  I can not believe everything that has been happening to me since I've started using the Secret!  Money has always been the #1 positive thought I have focus on, and it is coming in all kinds of forms.  From free meals as I stated in my last post to today amazing discovery!

I have been using what normally would've been "negative" thoughts into positive thoughts!  For instance yesterday, I had to make a call to my mechanic because I'm hearing a rough sound when I turn right on my car.  Thinking it might be a tie rod, but what usually would've been a thought like "How am I going to pay for this"...I thought "Yeah, I'm getting my car fix, no worries, the money will be there!"  and left it at that.  So this morning I was looking at the calendar and noticed Mother's Day is next SUNDAY!  Well I've been working on some projects on the computer.  They are not done yet, so I jumped on the computer because I'm planning on finishing it today.  But, I wanted to just make sure I had enough money in the bank to finish them, which, I felt positive that I did.  Adam got paid last Wednesday, and there should definitely be enough to finish these projects!  So I login to my bank account and the balance came up in our account.  It was $1927.54!  Last I knew we had around $400.00 in our account, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw this.  Wasn't going to question it, but obviously I wanted to see where the $1500.00 came from.  It was a bonus from Adam's work.  Adam's gotten bonuses before, but only about $700.00 (after taxes)..this is more than doubled!  I was ecstatic!  Now my heart is pumping and am so thankful for finding out about the secret.  Even when things that can be "a negative", I've turned it into a positive, and the more I seem to do it the bigger the rewards I'm getting!  I am loving my life and everyone in it, and especially the Universe!



  1. Thanks for all your kind words! I am so glad that your journey is going well too! Being positive is definitely worth while!!!!

  2. I'm so happy for you! I'm also your newest follower via the Almost Friday Blog Hop!