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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm Still Living The Secret Life!

I haven't been on my blog for quite awhile, but I still have been living the Secret's life.  I have to say, it has gotten better and better.  I was reading some of my past post, about the negative that I lived with.  Well, after that, I decided to stay positive no matter what.  I can't have anyone take me down.  So the more postive I lived the, more happy feelings I put out and the more I imagine the life that I wanted, the  more real it became.

Last year, I found out I was pregnant.  Oh boy, our car is not big enough for 6 people.  So every time I drove my car, I imagine that I was driving my new van.  I did this for at least a few months.  EVERY TIME I drove, I imagine.  Adam's credit wasn't the greatest.  I didn't know how we would get a van, but it didn't matter, because I knew the universe would provide!  Around tax time last year, we found a van, perfect for us.  But, even with $5000 down, we still will have to finance the remaining $5000.  But, Adam went to the car dealership, and filled out paperwork and waited.  After being declined by 3 different fiance companies, 1 company came through!  YES!  We got our van!!!!

After this incident, Adam started believing in what I was saying.  He didn't make a smart remark every time I would say something or thought of something that had to do with the Secret!  He figured if it worked, then go for it!

Lately, I have been believing that I am making $1000 week from my job.  But, I don't have a job, how is this going to happen.  But, those are the thoughts you need to eliminate, you just have to believe that you are making $1000 a week from my current job.  Well, the past 2 weeks something amazing has happen.  I did not plan this.  I remember the words from the Secret.  Which was, don't ask how it will come, the universe will show you.  Well, by complete accident I started selling party lollipop holders on Ebay.  It was actually just a Valentines thing I was doing.  Something just told me to put them on Ebay.  Well, after Valentines Day, I noticed I was getting more orders, so I made more and I designed more for different occasions.  These things are selling like crazy on my Ebay store!  I think I have found my new job, and I love it!  Have I hit $1000/week yet?  No, but I know I'm going to be!!!!

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