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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The More I Stay Positive...The Bigger The Rewards!

My life has taken to the right path!  I can not believe everything that has been happening to me since I've started using the Secret!  Money has always been the #1 positive thought I have focus on, and it is coming in all kinds of forms.  From free meals as I stated in my last post to today amazing discovery!

I have been using what normally would've been "negative" thoughts into positive thoughts!  For instance yesterday, I had to make a call to my mechanic because I'm hearing a rough sound when I turn right on my car.  Thinking it might be a tie rod, but what usually would've been a thought like "How am I going to pay for this"...I thought "Yeah, I'm getting my car fix, no worries, the money will be there!"  and left it at that.  So this morning I was looking at the calendar and noticed Mother's Day is next SUNDAY!  Well I've been working on some projects on the computer.  They are not done yet, so I jumped on the computer because I'm planning on finishing it today.  But, I wanted to just make sure I had enough money in the bank to finish them, which, I felt positive that I did.  Adam got paid last Wednesday, and there should definitely be enough to finish these projects!  So I login to my bank account and the balance came up in our account.  It was $1927.54!  Last I knew we had around $400.00 in our account, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw this.  Wasn't going to question it, but obviously I wanted to see where the $1500.00 came from.  It was a bonus from Adam's work.  Adam's gotten bonuses before, but only about $700.00 (after taxes)..this is more than doubled!  I was ecstatic!  Now my heart is pumping and am so thankful for finding out about the secret.  Even when things that can be "a negative", I've turned it into a positive, and the more I seem to do it the bigger the rewards I'm getting!  I am loving my life and everyone in it, and especially the Universe!


Monday, April 25, 2011

How Is This Happening?

I've been trying to stay focus on my positive attitude.  Sometimes is can be really hard, especially when you're around others who are negative or can really irritate you.  Then there are those days (especially for a women), that everything bothers you (PMSing).  Friday, I have to say was a bad (PMSing) day!  My boyfriend seem to irritate me every other minute!  I would start to build up a strong negative feeling, and boy did I feel it, but as soon as I realized it, and this was the hard part, I stopped and said to myself "Angie, it's ok, everything is GREAT!"  Sometimes I had to say it three to four times before my mind and heart felt it.  At a few points, I thought, it would be nice to let the negative, sad feeling come over me, I mean, maybe it would in away let me feel better, but I fought that battle, and said NO, I AM GOING TO FEEL GOOD NO MATTER HOW HARD IT'LL BE!  So I did this over, and over and over again on Friday.  I felt I was in overdrive, because it just seem that I was catching myself being negative a lot!

Then, at 1:00pm, Adam & I had an appointment at the CDC (Child Development Center), to have our youngest son evaluated because his speech and comprehension is very behind for a 3 year old.  So after 3 hours of answering questions and them playing with Jayden, the two doctors that were doing the evaluation, left the room to discuss what they believe is wrong or what can help with Jayden.  When they return, they informed us that Jayden has a small form of Autism.  Of course, any parent hearing those words can change their mood very quickly and not a positive, good mood.  Which it did happen for a few minutes, but again, I caught myself and told myself this is not a bad thing.  We all know now why there is a delay with Jayden, and now he will be getting more helpful services.  Plus the doctors said they are very optimistic.  I mean it's just a small form of Autism.  I ended up walking out of the CDC in a very good, positive mood!

So, where am I going with this?  Well it seems that the more I caught myself, turning negative in to positive, the bigger the reward.  Let me explain.  Adam and I decided to go to Applebees for dinner since we all were hungry.  So we did.  We ordered our dinner, ate and had a very enjoyable meal.  The waiter came and asked if we were going to be having desert, and we said no, and that we would need 2 take out containers!  So he left, and a few minutes passed and came back with our containers.  He left again as we put our leftover food in to the containers.  About 5 minutes passed and the waiter came over, leaned next to our booth and asked, how is you're day?  I said good.  He then asked, Anything new going on?  I was a little puzzled about that question, but replied, no, nothing new.  The waiter then just continued trying to do small talk with us for about 3 minutes.  We were just sitting there, waiting for our bill, so we can leave.  After those few minutes went by, the waiter said, "Well have a nice evening".  Adam and I looked at each other, and said thank you, and continued to wait for our bill.  The waiter then said, "you all are all set".  Adam and I still continue to look at each other with "huh" facial expressions.  Then the waiter said, "you're bill and tip have been paid for".  We didn't know what to do.  We just continued to sit in the booth with disbelief.   The waiter said, "yeah, you're all set.  A gentleman paid for your bill and tip because, he remembers being young and living in hard times and now that he has the wealth he'd like to share it with others, but he wanted to stay anonymous."  Of course I had to tell the waiter, "I don't want to leave and have security come chasing us", and he said, "No, you're all good" and then he left.

So Adam & I got our stuff and left the restaurant with such mix emotions.  We felt thankful but yet a little frighten.  But we went on our way, finished Easter shopping and headed home.  Then when we got home, I went on to Facebook as I always do, and saw I had a new message.  So, I checked the message and it was someone from a local radio station.  I had won the Facebook Friday giveaway, which was a $20 gift card to a local restaurant.    I was amazed, and it must had been because I stayed positive that day, no matter how hard it was at points.  I feel the harder I stayed positive, the bigger the rewards!  It was an amazing day!