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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Living With A Negative Person Can Effect You

Like I've mention before, I am usually a positive person, I try to stay positive on everything!  But, when you live with someone who glass is alway half empty, it can really aggravate the person who refers the glass being half full. After you feel like your fighting a losing battle because the negative words seem to be stronger than your positive words.  I admit, it took me down.  I stopped being positive, at least as much as I was.  I was getting weaker, and weaker until the law of attraction got me.  Yup, it all began when Adam waited until May to get his car inspected.  It was due in April.  I had encouraged him to have his check out in the beginning of April, but nope he didn't.  So he waited  until the first week in May.  Guess what, he had a lot of problems and the car was not inspectable.  After 2 days we found out it was going to cost $1400 to fix his car.  Oh man, that's a lot of money.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

What Is Swagbucks?

Search & Win

I have friends and family who already use Swagbucks and love it (and so don't I).  Some people are not sure what exactly is Swagbucks.  So I've decided to write up a blog post explaining everything about it!

Swagbucks is a free site that you sign up that let's you redeem your Swagbucks for AWESOME stuff!  Here are only a few examples of stuff you can get...FOR FREE!

First here is a picture of all the categories of cool stuff you can get.

Here are some gift cards (which the $15 itunes gift card is my favorite.  I have redeemed 5 of them already!)

Here are a few more items you can get:

Keurig My K-Cup Reusable Coffee FilterPiano Wizard Premier SoftwareDirt Devil Breeze Bagged UprightSamsung 32-inch 720p LCD HD TV
Nintendo Wii Zoom Wheel - Blue (Aftermarket)Uno Card GameCrayola Colored Pencils (set of 12)ETERNITY cologne by Calvin Klein

So now your asking, "Is there a catch?" & "How can get these for free?"

No there is no catch!

and to get these items are EASY!  Once you've sign up download their toolbar (search browser) and us their search browser or their homepage every time you search the web.  Even on every day sites you may go to like Facebook, Twitter, Your Email Page etc.  Randomly you will win Swagbucks!

Here's one I did today.  Everyday I got to Facebook about 10 times a day.  Each time I do it, I us the Swagbucks search to search Facebook.  Sometimes, I just get the page results and other times I get the page results and a banner stating I've one X amount Swagbucks.  This morning I won 7 Swagbucks.

Also, if you love to shop online, you can earn 2 Swagbucks for each $1 you spend.  For instance I love shopping at Snapfish.com for all my photo prints.  I got to Swagbucks Shop & Earn page, which has LOTS of online stores you can purchase from.  But say you were going to buy some photo prints through Snapfish.com like I do, click on the the hp snapfish link on Swagbucks, and proceed as you normally would do for your order.

Other ways of earning Swagbucks

  •  Earn 10 Swag Bucks for every coupon you print and redeem at your local grocery store
  •  Daily Deals - Find incredible, limited-time deals from local and national retailers. Earn with every purchase!
  • Daily Polls - Earn 1 Swagbuck everyday just by answer 1 poll! (Thats 365 Swagbucks/year)
  • Games - Play games and earn Swagbucks just by playing!
  • Earn Swagbucks once per day just for viewing the NOSO (No Obligation Special Offers).
  • Complete specific offers and earn more Swagbucks
  • Watch Swagbucks TV on your computer and win Swagbucks!
  • Complete specific Tasks and earn Swagbucks.
  • Trade in cell phones, mp3 players, games, consoles & books and receive Swagbucks!
  • Take some trusted surveys, and earn Swagbucks!
  • Refer friends & family and earn Swagbucks!
See all the fun and easy ways to earn Swagbucks!  I actually use most of my Swagbucks for Christmas shopping last year, redeeming Swagbucks for itunes gift cards!

So what are you waiting for?  Sign up TODAY!

Click here or on the ad block below to start!  You can't lose but only gain!

Search & Win