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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Update On My Weight & Something Happen Today...

I have not been in such a positive mood since I've watched "The Secret".  Morning, noon and night, all I can think about is positive things.  Once in awhile I slip and have a negative moment, but as soon as that negative thought comes in, I notice it instantly and in 2.2 seconds, I'm changing my thought in to a positive one!

For the past 5 days I've been seeing myself losing weight, being happy, looking good and feeling great!  It's all happening.  What am I saying, well lets see, I haven't been counting points, exercising just asking, believing and receiving!  I have lost 1 pound in 5 days without trying.

Another amazing thing that happen today, was the weather.  Who know that I could change the weather.  The weatherman said it would be cloudy all day and some flurries.  I really don't like driving in the snow, sorry for the negative, but it's scary and I avoid it if I can.  I had to bring my youngest son to school and about an hour before I brought him, it started snowing.  Oh man, I thought to myself, but then I thought quickly.  I looked out the window and smiled and said, "look how blue that sky is and how bright the sun is, it's beautiful".  I repeated this to myself over and over and over and smiling and smiling and smiling, and seeing it more, and more and more!  Guess what, as I was getting the boys ready to get in the car, the clouds were clearing up, the blue sky was peaking through and the bright sun was fighting through the lingering clouds.  My heart raced, I could not stop smiling and feeling so good.  The whole trip to the school and back was beautiful.  It felt like a beautiful spring day.  Totally the opposite what the weatherman had said.

My life is changing every minute and I'm loving it!  Positive thinking and positive receiving!

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